Summer Styles 2022

an image of two male models in Summer clothing

2022 Summer Styles

After several weekend scorchers, rumours are beginning to spread that we might actually get a decent summer this year! While the rain clouds may not have left us just yet, this does give us some much-needed time to get our summer fits sorted early before we dive into every sea, lake or puddle in sight.


Where to start

Get the foundations right and you can do no wrong!

A minimalist pair of shorts is always a great place to begin. Keeping it simple on the bottom gives you the freedom to be bolder and more adventurous on the top without the risk of clashing. A pair of black ripped denim or black core sweat shorts both work seamlessly with bright colours, on-trend graphics and more creative patterns.


Find your Fit

It’s your time to shine and whether you spent your winter hibernating or sculpting your summer bod, it’s all about finding the right fit for you. At 11 Degrees we offer regular, muscle fit and an expanding oversized range so you’ll be able to step out without compromising style or comfort.

Summer Look: Completed it

Top and bottom, sorted, fresh out of the box trainers, check, now to complete the look. Shade or shades? When it comes to actually being able to see your phone screen and avoiding those eye squinting photos, you have two options; the classic sunnies or the iconic cap. Sunglasses are a quick win as depending on the shape and lens they can be paired with almost any style.

When it comes to choosing your hat this takes a little more planning. Again keeping it simple is a sure-fire way to ensure it matches but if you really want to make a statement add a pop of colour and watch it all come together.



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