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Any order of our products involves the full acceptance and full compliance of these terms and conditions by the customer and which shall prevail over any document issued by the customer, including the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Any other documents than these terms and conditions of sale such as catalogues, leaflets, adverts, booklets are indicative, and are non-contractual; provided for information purposes only.

Orders forwarded to our company, or to a sales representative or agent from our company are irrevocable for the customer and are binding for our company only with the written approval of our company by the order confirmation. You shall not sell the products online unless the website through which such sales are made comply with our Online Sales Guidelines.

You shall not sell the products online unless through a website which has been agreed by the company.

Delivery dates are estimates and provided for information purposes only, unless any such dates are specifically agreed between the parties, in which case such delivery shall be of the essence. The products are deemed to be delivered and are at the own risk of the customer from the foothold of the warehouse of our Company and this notwithstanding the provisions of the clause of retention of ownership.

The transfer of risks on our sold products begins from the foothold of our warehouses, without regards to the transportation conditions (postage paid or due, cash on delivery). Our Company cannot be held liable under no circumstance for incidents happening during transport, destruction, damage, loss or theft, our Company selected the carrier.

on delivery, the Goods shall:

(a) conform in all material respects with any specific specification agreed in writing by Company for the Goods in question;

(b) be of satisfactory quality within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979; and

(c) be free from material defect in material and workmanship.

The Customer may reject the Goods delivered to it that do not comply with the above a) provided that:

(a) a notice of rejection given to Company:

(i) in the case of a defect, apparent on normal visual inspection, within 10 business days of delivery of the Goods;

(ii) in the case of a latent defect, within a reasonable time of discovery of the latent defect having become apparent; and

(b) the Company is given a reasonable opportunity after receiving the rejection notice to examine such Goods and the Customer (if asked to do so by Company) returns such Goods to Company’s place of business at the Customer’s cost for the examination to take place there. The Company shall, at its option, replace or repair such Goods (or the defective part) or refund the price of such Goods provided that, if Company so requests, the Customer shall, at the Customer’s expense, return the non-conforming or defective Goods to Company.

The transfer of ownership in our products is suspended until full payment for these by the customer, in the amount of the principal and other sums, even if a payment postponement is granted. Payment means the actual cashing of checks, bill of exchange or any receipt of a title which create an obligation to pay are not considered as a payment. All clauses to the contrary, namely contained in the General conditions of Purchase, are deemed as not existing, It is hereby agreed that our Company can exercise the rights it holds under this ownership clause, for any of its accounts receivable, for all unpaid products in the possession of the customer, and our Company can upon reasonable prior written notice to the customer enter into any relevant premises of the customer where such unpaid goods are being held to repossess these without prejudice to its right to terminate on-going sales. This clause does not prevent the risks associated with the shipment from being transferred to the customer when the delivery is done, as mentioned above in the article 3. From the delivery, the customer is considered as the guardian and depositary for these goods. He shall be obliged to provide at his own costs and risks the conservation, the care and use and will be fully responsible of the damage caused to the goods and by the goods. The customer shall provide the confirmation that he has taken out an insurance policy (against damage caused by civil liability, fire, explosion, water damage, breaking of goods, electrical risks, etc.…) which covers all the goods required for its activity including the ones he does not possess. He shall agree to maintain the guaranties until the transfer to its own benefice of the ownership of the goods. In the event of a failure to pay, and in the eventuality that our Company prefers asking the full execution of the sale, our company reserves the right after formal notice to suspend all on-going deliveries and ask for the goods, the return costs paid by the company.

In the event of forces of nature, acts of God or similar events, our company shall have the right to suspend the execution of the agreement. Including: strikes, fire, riots, flood, roadblocks, and breakdown in supplies for reasons beyond our Company’s control.

Any dispute concerning the application of these General Conditions, their interpretation or execution, and relating to the sales contracts, or the payment of the price will be governed by and construed in the accordance with the law of England and Wales. regardless of the place of the order, the delivery or payment, the means of payment even for the introduction of third parties or other defendants. Each party is responsible for its own professional and other costs incurred in connection with this agreement.

The customer undertakes to do nothing, and/or disclose anything to any third party, that could infringe the industrial or intellectual property rights of our company. The customer shall not copy all or part of the product models of our Company or share any information enabling the copy. The customer shall immediately inform our Company of any counterfeiting act, unfair competition and any way that could infringe the industrial or intellectual property rights of our company.

All the documents and materials given to our customers remain the exclusive property of our Company. They cannot be used, moved, sold, or given without the approval of our Company, which reserves the right to take them back at any time without notice or compensation.

Our prices are determined by the current price the day the order is placed. The prices are calculated net and will take into consideration any discount agreed prior. Our invoices are payable at the month end plus 10 days from the month of receipt to the head office of our Company or by transfer on the accounts of our Company. Only the effective cashing of the bill of exchange or notification of the credit transfer will be deemed to be full payment for the purpose of the General Conditions. Any amount unpaid on the due date will be subject to late payment interest by the Customer at 4% above the then current base lending rate of the bank of England. Interest can be claimed by rights and will automatically be charged to the customer account. Failure to respect the outlined payment terms mentioned on the invoice will lead to the account being placed on stop: In the event of total or partial non-payment by the due date, the amount due under this order or other orders already delivered or current order, will immediately become payable after formal notice.

Use of quotation marks in this document around keywords is merely to identify the keywords in the text and does not mean “broad match” or “phrase match “as it does on platforms as Google Ads. The key words mentioned in this document relating to advertising (paid or otherwise) on the following platforms Google Ads, Microsoft Ads.

Disallowed Keywords: the following keywords cannot be bid on by anyone other than 11 Degrees.

Any exact match form of 11 degrees, including but not limited to “11 Degrees” “Eleven Degrees”; any form of only “11 Degrees” in coordination with a product type. For example, “11 Degrees T – Shirts”, “11Degrees Hoodies”; any broad match on only “11Degrees” (e.g., “11Degrees” or“+11+ degrees” in Google ADS; any exact or broad match that uses any form of “11 degrees official”; any exact or broad match that uses any form of “11 degrees direct”; exact match on “11 degrees Black Friday”; exact match on “11 Degree’s clearance”.

Allowed Keywords: more specific and long tailed Keywords are allowed. Examples “11 Degrees red T shirt” “11 Degrees Large T shirt”, “11 Degree’s winter hoodies”.

Ad Text: If11 Degrees is mentioned in ad copy, it must take the form of “11Degrees” only.

Company shall indemnify the Customer against and hold it harmless from any loss, liability, cost or expense (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) suffered or incurred by the Customer to the extent arising from (i) any breach of this Agreement by the Company, and (ii) the sale of the Goods by the Customer including any claim made against the Customer for actual or alleged infringement of a third party’s intellectual property rights arising out of or in connection with the supply or use of the products.