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Just Joshin’ – Animal Kindgom Battle Royale, with David Coldwell & Carl Frampton

The next installment from the lockdown interviews with boxing stars and 11 Degrees ambassadors David Coldwell and Carl Frampton. Some questions are too important not to be asked of some of the best sporting names the UK has produced. Questions like: which would win in a fight – a grizzly bear or a gorilla? Watch the video below to find out what our two ambassadors think would win our Animal Kingdom Battle Royale! Just Joshin’ is a series of videos by Josh Denzel, where he interviews other 11 degrees ambassadors... Read More


Just Joshin’ feat. Ben Stokes – BONUS CONTENT

We’ve got some extra little snippets for you of Josh Denzel’s interview with cricketing sensation and 11 degrees brand ambassador, Ben Stokes. Captains Ben Stokes is a supremely talented cricketer as we all know, but every player needs leadership at some stage in their career. In this exclusive interview, Josh Denzel asks Ben to talk about captains of the past. Who would Ben Stokes have loved to have been captained by? Conversely, who would he have really clashed with… Game Changers Given Ben’s recent heroics, Josh goes on to ask... Read More


Just Joshin’ – Lockdown with Carl Frampton & David Coldwell

Toughest Opponent to Date? As lockdown rules begin to ease, 11 Degrees and Josh Denzel jumped on an exclusive zoom call with former two-weight world champion boxer Carl Frampton and legendary boxing trainer David Coldwell to talk all things boxing, lockdown and answer some of the toughest questions going. We discover Carl’s toughest battle during lockdown is his continuous fight to maintain his title of head of the household. I think all parents will understand his opponent being his 5 year old son does not lessen this achievement in the... Read More


Just Joshin’ feat. Ben Stokes

In this exclusive interview, Josh Denzel confronts 11 Degrees brand ambassador Ben Stokes with some cricketing scenarios that reveal some fascinating insight into his mind. Not holding back, Josh asks Ben whose middle stump he’d most love to knock out the ground, who he’d hate to be captained by and which bowler in world cricket he most fears. Not only that, but Josh gets Ben talking about the lighter side of the game, asking about pre-game routines, bus buddies and what he’s putting on the speakers when it’s his turn... Read More


Workout in Style

If you are anything like us, you might need a push to get yourself to go and workout, we find having an excuse to show off our new gym gear is the perfect reason, in fact, who is saying you only wear gym gear to work out?