Just Joshin’ – Lockdown with Carl Frampton & David Coldwell

Toughest Opponent to Date?

As lockdown rules begin to ease, 11 Degrees and Josh Denzel jumped on an exclusive zoom call with former two-weight world champion boxer Carl Frampton and legendary boxing trainer David Coldwell to talk all things boxing, lockdown and answer some of the toughest questions going.

We discover Carl’s toughest battle during lockdown is his continuous fight to maintain his title of head of the household. I think all parents will understand his opponent being his 5 year old son does not lessen this achievement in the slightest, if anything makes it more impressive!

Hunk, Chunk or Drunk?

Everyone is now stepping out after a tough Covid lockdown. Deep down you all know where you’re sitting – be honest, whether good or bad! One of our ambassadors openly places himself in the chunk category while the other crowns themselves an undeniable hunk. Take a guess which boxer went which way!

Food, Glorious Food

The classic question of ‘what would be your last meal choice’ has really been flipped on its head with the question plaguing many households throughout this ordeal – where to eat first when things return to normal?

While many takeaways remained open the closure of Mc Donald’s, Nandos and KFC really hit our taste buds hard even if it has done our waistline and wallets a solid. We asked Carl and David where the first restaurant will be and although the venue changed the dish remained. Watch the video to find out what their first meal is going to be.


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About Just Joshin’

Just Joshin’ is a series of videos by Josh Denzel, where he interviews other 11 degrees ambassadors about their lives, careers and interests. The videos are always a laugh and interesting too – check out our YouTube for more vids like this!

In this video, David is wearing our Coldwell Boxing T-Shirt in White, Carl is wearing our Del Ray Graphic T-Shirt in White and Josh is wearing our Core Black Hoodie.

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