Just Joshin’ feat. Ben Stokes – BONUS CONTENT

We’ve got some extra little snippets for you of Josh Denzel’s interview with cricketing sensation and 11 degrees brand ambassador, Ben Stokes.


Ben Stokes is a supremely talented cricketer as we all know, but every player needs leadership at some stage in their career. In this exclusive interview, Josh Denzel asks Ben to talk about captains of the past.

Who would Ben Stokes have loved to have been captained by? Conversely, who would he have really clashed with…

Game Changers

Given Ben’s recent heroics, Josh goes on to ask him about the inspirational, game-changing players of the past who have turned matches around almost single handedly. Who does Ben Stokes consider to be the great Game Changers?

Music & Meals

Want to know what Ben is putting on the speakers in the changing room? Josh asks Ben to talk music and meals and we find out which restaurant the whole team opt for in preparation for a test.

The Extended Interview

To hear Josh ask Ben whose middle stump he’d most love to knock out the ground, which bowler in world cricket he most fears and a whole lot more, click here to watch the full and exclusive feature.

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