Just Joshin’ – Animal Kindgom Battle Royale, with David Coldwell & Carl Frampton

The next installment from the lockdown interviews with boxing stars and 11 Degrees ambassadors David Coldwell and Carl Frampton.

Some questions are too important not to be asked of some of the best sporting names the UK has produced. Questions like: which would win in a fight – a grizzly bear or a gorilla?

Watch the video below to find out what our two ambassadors think would win our Animal Kingdom Battle Royale!

Just Joshin’ is a series of videos by Josh Denzel, where he interviews other 11 degrees ambassadors about their lives, careers and interests. The videos are always a laugh and interesting too – check out our YouTube for more vids like this!

In this video, David is wearing our Coldwell Boxing T-Shirt in White, Carl is wearing our Del Ray Graphic T-Shirt in White and Josh is wearing our Core Black Hoodie.

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