11 & Chill – Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s that time of year again – people are thinking about what to get their significant others to show them how much they love, care and appreciate them for putting up with all their quirks.

Alternatively, those flying the single flag are looking for that perfect gift that’s going to win over their crush and kick-start a love story even Disney would be proud of.

Whichever side of the fence you are on, there always seems to be the question:

What’s an acceptable valentines gift? What is too much and what is too little?

Not wanting to go overboard but fear being outdone when your petrol station flowers are met with an array of clothing, fragrances and enough chocolate to put you into a steady food coma for the whole weekend.

Well, we think we have it sussed 💡 … And here is how it works…

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Not long to go now…but don’t worry, we got you – we have next day delivery!

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