AnEsonGib v Jake Paul: Who, When, Where & Why.

Prepare to pull an all-nighter this Thursday night – our main man AnEsonGib (follow #team11degrees on insta) is getting in the ring with Jake Paul and boxing it out in the latest bout between YouTube Stars. There’re 10 fights in total – including three world title fights – so the insanely promoted bout is not expected to be until around 2 or 3am, UK time (9 or 10pm local time).

The fight takes place at the Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami on Thursday, January 30th (technically January 31st for us in the UK) and sees YouTube star and self-titled “Fifa Millionaire” AnEsonGib face off against the love-him or hate-him vlogger that is Jake Paul, in what is going to be an intriguing and interesting fight…one way or another. Hopefully it will last longer than the 40 second UFC fight the other week. Way to get our hopes up guys.

Jake Paul has a lot on the line after his brother’s narrow defeat in November by British YouTuber KSI. The thirst for YouTuber bouts seems to be getting stronger and this fight promises to be a real grudge match – there’s certainly been plenty of strong words thrown around.

Both have a bit of fighting experience – they were both even undercards for the first Logan Paul / KSI bout – but this will be the first professional fight for the both of them.

What’s going to happen? We reckon it’s going to be a close and tense one. We’ll be rooting for Gib, sure you’ll be seeing him reppin’ our gear, but we’re ultimately hoping for a great spectacle whatever happens.

Here at 11 Degrees we live and breath sport and there’s often talk around the office about games and fights – particularly boxing. We are super proud to support a wide range of fighters – check out some insta posts below of #team11degrees.

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