Don’t Compromise on Comfort

Trends come and go but statement pieces never go out of style. When we return from the daily grind, the first thing most of us reach for is the comfiest joggers we own and (at this time of the year especially) a warm hoodie – matching or not!

The reality is that although we may partake in some of the much talked about colour trends that are in at the moment, our cycle of wearing 10 shades of charcoal, blue and green is not going to change in a hurry.

Nothing can beat kicking back on the sofa in some comfy sweats, nobody’s judging you in Casa Del YOU! (except maybe the missus but she’ll get over it) After all, who wants to play a couple of hours of FIFA wearing skin-hugging denim?! Nahh!

When it comes to our joggers, Josh Sullivan rated ours higher than Adidas, Ellesse & Gym King’s – Check out the video below

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